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Our Next Event is Saturday: March 28th, 2020  from 10am –  4:30pm

“Friendliness Training”

Finding Equanimity in a Polarized World


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The world feels like a split-screen reality show right now. We’re gravitating toward our tribal impulses in ways that are intensifying our perceptions of what divides us. We’re so focused on our surface-level differences that we’re losing sight of our core similarities.

The good news?

You can: Strengthen your ability to recognize our shared humanity.  

A felt sense of our shared humanity gets stronger when you exercise it.

This workshop explores some specific obstacles to imagining the well-being of others and uses tools from Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness system to navigate them, with a customizable see-hear-feel approach to Loving Kindness Practice.

Neuroscience research findings suggest that imagining the well-being of yourself and others develops a greater capacity for emotional regulation, resilience, and altruism.  However, some meditators say they run into a lot of resistance to doing it.

While it doesn’t feel natural to force ourselves to feel affection for challenging people, we can CONVERT the resistance that arises as we imagine their well-being — into clarity and equanimity with our emotional reactions — without trying to force pleasant emotional responses. The end result is we STRENGTHEN OUR CAPACITY FOR EMOTIONAL WARMTH. 

Daylong Workshop Objectives:

  • Practice a customizable see-hear-feel approach to Loving Kindness practice

  • Practice equanimity with emotional reactions as you imagine the wellbeing of yourself and others

  • Generate personal ways to apply friendliness training to practice in life

  • Explore emotional expression and suppression

  • A Safe Space to discuss the challenges and potential benefits inherent to the categories of people used traditionally in Loving Kindness practice

  • Strengthen our capacity for emotional warmth

ALL ARE WELCOME – both New and Experienced Meditators

Saturday: March 28th,  2020 from 10am –  4:30pm

About our Teacher

DARON LARSON is a Mindfulness Awareness Coach, and a senior Mindfulness Teacher of the Unified Mindfulness training programs, a system developed by Shinzen Young, with whom he has worked closely since 2003.  He has participated in neuroscience research projects related to the Unified Mindfulness framework and contributed brain scans as an adept meditator for neuroscience research studies at Harvard Medical School and the University of Vermont

Based in Columbus Ohio, where he taught at one of the largest private universities in Ohio – Franklin University starting in 2007 – his vocation for the last 13 years has been ATTENTIONAL FITNESS TRAINING.  

He teaches mindfulness practice as attention training, using what people already know about the challenges and benefits of physical fitness to help navigate similar aspects of developing attentional skills. Through individually customized programs he helps people develop focus, self-regulation, and resilience to feel more at home in the messiness of real life.   

 In addition to coaching individuals, Daron gives talks, leads workshops, and teaches class series for companies, hospitals, continuing education programs, and in prisons.

As a parent, social worker, information specialist, and librarian, he has always been energized by identifying relevant resources to help people more effectively navigate personal and professional challenges.

Daron holds a Masters of Library and Information Sciences from Kent State University  and a B.A. in Social Work  from Wichita State University


TEDxColumbus Talk (Nov. 2015) has been viewed nearly 260,000 times on YouTube

His guided meditations are featured on the Insight Timer app – as well as the UM-inspired Brightmind app.

“If you’re looking for a regular human being like yourself, who is honest, kind, and possesses useful  mindfulness skills to share, then you’ve found a worthy teacher in Daron.” Carol Houst

Event Location: Inner Way LA
6512 Arizona Ave.
Playa Vista, CA 90045
United States

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Daron Larson – 03/28/20

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